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A relationship between equal nations with mutual respect

DrNicolaMcEwen.jpgThis week the governments of the UK and Ireland will be further strengthening the ties between the two countries – giving some degree of insight into the close relationship of equals Scotland and the UK will enjoy after a Yes vote. 

In an article in today’s Scotsman Dr Nicola McEwan (of the Economic and Social Research Council and Edinburgh University) notes the recent step-change in relations between the UK and Ireland, which are now conducted with “an aura of mutual respect”, “among equals” and in each of the countries’ mutual interests.

It leads to the obvious question -

“if it is in the interests of the UK government to collaborate so extensively with independent Ireland, why would in not also be in its interests to co-operate extensively with an independent Scotland?”

Leading environmental campaigner Richard Dixon backs a Yes vote

profile_pic_bw.jpgOne of Scotland's most senior environmental campaigners has declared his support for a Yes vote in next year's independence referendum.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, announced at the weekend that he was supporting Yes Scotland in the biggest grass-roots campaign the country has ever seen.

He believes there is more scope to address environmental challenges in an independent Scotland. 

Momentum is with Yes

Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, said in response to the ICM poll in Scotland on Sunday and the Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times and Real Radio Scotland:

"Both polls published this weekend are particularly encouraging and show clearly that momentum is very much with Yes. We know a big challenge still lies ahead, but with a year to go before the referendum a potential Yes vote of 48% in one poll and 45% in the other confirms what we already know on the doorsteps and out in the communities – that the more people learn about independence the more they are likely to come to Yes."

Small independent nations are the world’s happiest

happiness.jpgSmall independent nations of comparable size to Scotland are the world’s happiest, figures from the latest major worldwide study of life satisfaction reveal.

The World Happiness Report 2013, published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, sees the seven of the top ten spots occupied by European countries of fewer than 10million people, with the Nordic nations dominating.

Denmark tops the list, with Norway coming second and Sweden, Finland and Iceland all featuring in the top ten. Small nations Austria, Ireland and New Zealand all beat the UK, which languishes in 22nd place.

Ensuring our older people get a fair share with a Yes vote

A Yes vote offers us the opportunity to build a fairer pensions system in an independent Scotland, ensuring our older people benefit fully from Scotland’s wealth.

Yet today, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was arguing that older people will be better served by “pooling resources” and “sharing the risk” by remaining under Westminster control.

Some will find it darkly ironic that the very same man who undertook a massive raid on pensions as Chancellor of the Exchequer, imposing a “pension stealth tax” which cost retirement funds at least £100billion, is now arguing that people’s pensions are “safest” with a Westminster system which has done them so much damage.

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